Thursday, January 21, 2010

Well Done Mortgage Brokerage?

This is Ruby Grynberg... she is a dancer, musician & mortgage broker..I wanted to share her well done small business with you. 
Amidst the clusterfu*k that is the banking/mortgage/financial crisis of our current time, I have found a local small business that defies & refuses to be known for the smarmy, predatory grossness that has prevailed. Her company,Salmon Bay Community Lending  is a woman owned, women run ( don't worry they love themselves some men, it just turned out to be women) mortgage brokerage in Ballard.  They support families in the most vital way,  by being realistic, honest and fair about what loans are available to you and how to get them soon, if not right now. It won't cost you anything to call Ruby and find out your options. Believe me, I didn't think we had a fighting chance, being small business owners ourselves, however she found us a great rate for our refi!
Everyone who I have come in contact with from SBCL has been so pleasant. The appraiser came by today, and his whole world is turned upside down from the mortgage crisis, yet he had a big smile when talking about SBCL... that, I think, says a lot. 
In the spirit of Huff Po's Move Your Money, I say we support small business mortgage brokers , appraisers and banks....when did we forget that being respectful to customers was a mandatory standard ?
ps. the pics on the site were taken by one of my fave local photographers, Sara Tro, and , yes that is Celeste on her webpage , in the middle age 3.

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right on ruby!!