Thursday, September 16, 2010


Dearest Readers, I want to share a home tour with you that is very dear to my heart!  This is our home that we are selling so that we can move on to a new project. As a builder/designer couple, we have put our very best ideas and love into this home and hope it makes another family as happy as it has made us. Today I will show you the exterior, and tomorrow the interior. We have lived here since 1997!. It was a 720 sqft little cabin put together with newspaper and tape. We saw it as the most beautiful place in the world back then. There were ferns and native flowers and big trees , the yard smelled like a rainforest and the house was high up on a hill. This is what sold us! . We had been living in a basement apartment that was flooded in that big New Years Seattle storm of 1997, when all of the houses were falling off of cliffs and the snow melted creating big floods. We knew we had to find higher ground and there it was......with what seemed to be beams of heavenly light shining down on it... we rented  at first and then a synergistic sale to us from the landlords. Before we knew what hit us, we were homeowners... This land has some magic powers in it, as many friends can attest to... Enjoy the tour :)


Carol said...

So beautiful--congrats on a new & exciting chapter!

Rebecca said...

lots of love and great energy here.

jrknickel said...

Your words are lovely as is your will your next one be.