Friday, October 22, 2010

Plants, plants, plants

My final installment--plants. Okay, you actually have to be with me to visit these places because the dealers are wholesalers and, I'm sorry, you need to be escorted. You will end up paying me to take you, but "hello" it will be really fun, you will be amazed at all of the plant choices, you will pay good prices, and you will be happy. 

So here they are:  Pacific Natives and Ornamentals for great native plants super cheap and Northwest Nurseries for the best trees in town. Rob, the owner of PNO, is old-school and I like that. His nursery is not some Disney nightmare. It's lath-houses with plants and dirt and it's kind of messy and great. Northwest Nurseries has beautiful high quality trees. They can and will order any tree you want. Every time I go there I wish I lived on a big tract of land and could plant a whole grove of trees...a magical forest (sigh).

Have a great weekend. Rebecca