Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Hi again!, It's Wednesday and my third installment of Sandwich week. I have been receiving Facebook comments about other sandwiches I haven't met yet, I am intrigued.. more about this at the end of the week.
As for today, I  will tell you about a long time love affair I have with the B.L.A.T. It is a bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato sandwich that should only be purchased at Wild Mountain Cafe in Ballard it's actually right on 85th.. if you sneeze you will miss it so write this down (1408 NW 85th St. Seattle, WA 98117(206) 297-WILD)
Years ago , when the chicklets were little and the business was too, I would get a babysitter and take myself here for lunch. I would take a stupid magazine or a book and order my BLAT and a diet coke and feel like I was hiding away from my crazy world.  It was bliss. This place has all those homemade things you wish for in your heart like, Fried Chicken, Mac and Cheese etc....
Everything you eat here is fresh, most likely organic and made with talent and love...
These lovely small business owners have been done wrong by YELP so let's all go and eat there and help to make up for it..
Here's their dinner menu:
Dinner Entrees
Mmm...heavenly Lemon Chicken Pesto Pasta - Lemon, fresh organic rosemary & garlic marinated chicken breast grilled and served atop a heap o' bowtie pasta tossed in fresh pesto, roasted garlic, chopped tomatoes, mushrooms and cream. Comes with Essential Baking Company’s grilled organic country bread $16.75

4 x 4 Mac n' Cheese - Holy cheese in Heaven, Batman! We’re pretty sure they’d serve this stuff in the hereafter…or at least in the trailer park I grew up in. Our 4-cheese blend is an ooey, gooey extravaganza known to increase your desire to…take up the harp! Or get a satellite dish. Comes with Essential Baking Company’s grilled organic country bread $10.25

Cassie’s Ace in the Hole Black Bean Cakes - 2 perfect black bean cakes drizzled with Cassie’s chimichurri sauce. Served with a heap of corn chips and a taco salad with olives, sour cream, salsa & guacamole $16,75 

Sacred Sea Scallops - These lightly grilled sea scallops are layered with our amazing zucchini-corn fritters, crispy onion frizzles and fresh tomatoes, then topped with our organic tarragon-lemon vinaigrette $17.25

Filina’s Favorite Fried Chicken - Yeeehaw! Saddle me up and call me Gypsy! Our honey-kissed “oven-fried” chicken is made fresh from scratch every night and gets roasted garlic smashed potatoes and
seasonal veggies $16.75

Auckland’s Finest - New Zealand lamb shank slow-braised 3 hours to melt off the bone perfection. Comes topped with kalamata tapenade, burgundy braising jus and sauteed kale, then served with roasted garlic mashed potatoes $17.75

Pinch me I’m Dreaming Prawn Pasta - Spicy garlic-sauteed prawns tossed with onions, mushrooms, parmesan cheese and our smashing Cajun-spiced red cream’s dreamy delicious! $16.75

Voodoo Catfish - Having problems with your juju? Ward off evil spirits with our pan-fried catfish smothered in spicy shrimp etouffĂ©, served on a heap o’ saffrom rice with a side o’ bacon-sautĂ©ed kale $16.50 (Voodoo doll not included)

Whazzup Ribeye - Big as yer head 12 oz. New Zealand ribeye uniquely prepared each evening per our cook’s fancy; served with roasted garlic mashed potatoes and veggies (Please be aware of what you’re ordering here, folks! This steak is a beautiful RIBEYE - well-marbled just as a ribeye should be, so if you’re thinking T-bone or prime rib, this ain’t it!) $23.75

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Carol said...

Love Wild Mtn--did you know it used to be a very funky antique shop?