Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More Pacific Galleries--En France

So, this is how I think it works at Pacific Galleries--Interior designers, antique collectors, and really anyone who wants to rent a stall at the gallery can. I have no idea what the rental fees are or if you have to qualify to get a space. In general, the quality of the goods for sale is high and, in some cases, very high. All of the aisles are named after the tonier neighborhoods in Seattle.

One of the first stalls I came upon was this lovely little French market installation. Oh, la, la. I do love France, and my nephew is now studying in France, and in another life I would like to be Leslie Caron, so I was pretty into it. I'm not sure where in my home I would put the language instruction posters, but I am smitten with them.--R

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Carol said...

If I had food and water, I could live in that place!