Monday, March 7, 2011

The Sartorialist and me

Here's how a typical weekday starts for me: Wake-up after kids have left for school (no I don't make their breakfast and I don't pack their lunches so, sue me); Make smoothie; Take 1 million vitamins plus whatever antibiotic I seem to be on that week; Have a cup of Joe; Go to the computer and get to work.

Nine times out of ten the first site I check is The Sartorialist. I love to see what folks around the world are wearing and I do love to see Scott Schuman's Singer-Sargeant-like portraits of mostly "regular" people on the street. I'm often inspired by the ensembles and subconsciously, or not so subconsciously, try to create my own twist on them. Last week it was the polka-dots and, as a polka-dot devotee, I was thrilled that all the girls in Milan were sporting their dots.

What I love about fashion these days is that really anything goes. Of course there are trends and "in" colors and fabrics of which I am not always a fan--Don't get me started on jeggings and any number of "Housewives of New Jersey" looks. But overall I'm thrilled to see the variety and personal expression in fashion that Mr. Schuman's blog celebrates.

This week on Well Done I'll be posting pictures of clothing and styles and individuals that I find inspirational and timeless. Enjoy. --Rebecca

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Carol said...

Bring it on! Sartorial well done blog week--woohoo!