Saturday, April 30, 2011

Event Planning Myths...Busted! with New WD Blogger Carol Dole

As Rebecca and I love to share (okay, give) advice, we will be devoting some real estate on Well Done Blog to sharing random acts of...telling you what we think. Don't be afraid, we'll keep it suitable for all audiences.

Myth #1: "Event Planners are too expensive." The cost of having a planner is like any other item in your event budget--ask yourself, "What do I need and what can I afford?" You decide what you can spend, not the planner. Do I need help with just a few items and want to pay just an hourly or daily rate, or, should I consider spending a small portion of the budget (usually 15%) for extensive planning services and let them do ALL the work. Your party, your budget, your call.

Myth #2: "The Administrative Assistant can plan the event." Not if you want them doing their real job well and maintaining sanity. Keep everyone productive and morale high by having parties and events planned by professionals. Take all of those to-do's off the admin's plate and watch 'em whistle while they work!

Myth #3: "Event Planners only do big gigs, like weddings." Chances are you have been to a house party that looked and tasted like it was catered--maybe it was. At Well Done Events, we mean it when we say, "We do the work, you enjoy the party!" Why wait for a wedding to get help? Why not rely on a pro to fix your brakes? Oh, you do. Why not rely on a pro to cut your hair? Oh, you do. Why not rely on a pro to plan your special event? Truly, why not?

~Carol Dole

Event Planner and Owner, Well Done Events
"Throw a party, have a ball!" 

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Anne said...

Well, Carol its about time we heard from you!
Thanks for this great advice.