Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Art for Arts Sake

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Kellam is a guy we always known to be an incredible visionary,  and a  focused wonderfully weird artist/ carpenter/sculptor.  He is from a town not too far from where I grew up on Long Island and a college friend of my sister, and once you meet him you never forget him. He's always been  that  guy not doing what you think you should be doing. I have always admired him for that.. Funny that I should get his link in my email today because last night Rebecca said I should watch 'Beautiful Losers", a film about the 90's street artists turned commercial artists. They were a group of young people just doing what they love and knowing it was the right path even though it was completely uncomfortable. Just making art together and showing it regardless of  money, fame, or support.
WellDoneBlog is still about celebrating making beautiful stuff out of every act you do, this should be your guide and this will always lead to a good end.

Watch these two films, and get reminded about our shared human traits regarding creativity. It's inspiring~

"Move quickly through the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, down the main thoroughfare Eastern Parkway, past a conflicting intermingling of beautiful terraced homes and marred vacant buildings, and you could easily miss a modern cultural landmark. Hidden in plain sight, packed inside a shuffle of industrial architecture, is the wondrous workshop loft space of Kellam Clark and some half dozen other artists and makers who call his whimsical live-in, work-in reliquary, home.
In the process of building his workshop dream home, Clark has developed his unique approach to the projects he undertakes, as well as the philosophy he lives by, “Morph-aesthetic”: a term he coined himself that leverages his own fundamental artistic process—to create that which is both functional and beautiful—to his daily life. Remaining steadfast in his efforts as an artist-cum-fabricator and vice versa, Clark admits, “is a work in progress.” All of his work is created with consideration for a mixture of old world and modern techniques and he prides himself on being able to offer a lifetime warranty on everything he makes.
Last week, Clark was awarded for his involvement with The Worms, the winner of Storefront’s StreetFest international competition to re-envision temporary outdoor structures, by Storefront for Art and Architecture, the New Museum, and the NYCDepartment of Transportation"  clipped from Mother Board

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way wicked cool and super inspirational.