Monday, April 2, 2012

Filler, Spiller, Thriller

Thank you Sun Gods. It's finally time to start designing container gardens. Here are a few simple rules to guide you: Think one filler ( a plant that fills the base of the pot), one spiller (that's pretty obvious, it's a trailer), and one thriller (something with height and a captivating bloom or killer foliage).

For this pot I used a bunch of plants I found at Fred Meyers. Filler--Bergenia cordifolia. Great, shiny, full foliage. Spiller--Saxifraga 'Winterglut'. This may not be the perfect choice, but it works so well in rock gardens and the red bloom was a perfect compliment to the purple-red in the Bergenia foliage. I'm hoping it will have enough spill. Thriller--White Cosmos. Not normally a thriller, but  all white should do the trick.  ~ Rebecca

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Carol said...

I haven't potted in a few years--I'm way over due. Just got a fantastic pre-potted beauty from Swanson's yesterday; their April-only 40% off coupon is something I use annually to get myself an expensive pot I normally wouldn't buy. Also picked up some things to pot myself. Rain or shine, I'm going to pot, damn it!