Thursday, November 1, 2012

Healing Garden at Children's Hospital

Today I went to the Children's Hospital with my son for his biofeedback appointment; he gets bad migraine headaches (I'm sorry George it's in the gene pool). While I was waiting for him to finish his session, I wandered around the Katz sculpture garden, which is part of the beautiful landscaping on site. I thought about all the families who come to the hospital with very, very sick children and I could imagine the brief respite this space provides them. There's a lot of literature out there regarding the effects of gardens on mental health, but the basic take-home is that nature soothes our souls and allows us to breathe more slowly and relax--I guess you could call it natural biofeedback.

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Carol Dole said...

Absolutely stunning. I've seen a lot of the ER at Children's (ala my active son Tucker), and just a little time in the garden. Thanks for the beautiful photos; I'll be sure to take the time next visit, which hopefully won't be soon.