Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rosita's Day 2

Well here is day two: flooring change in the bar, wood sanding and painting continued. Will the group be able to make the final design decisions tomorrow? There have been many people involved and we all know that "Design by Committee" is guaranteed disaster. Will we be able to get thru the original plan? Which was to:
1. Remove all fake plants.
2. Add new chandelier to bar area
3. Remove red light over bar and yellow lights in raised ceiling
4. Change carpet and bar floor to said colors
5. Paint accent colors under 5 arches, the two back walls
6. Change vinyl on booth to new color
7. Make front door a bright red
8. Add new pendants to bar
9. Add vintage mexico travel posters and Diego Rivera posters to restaurant and bar
10. Paint bar ceiling dark charcoal to match tin ceiling.
11. Increase lighting on art.
Wish us luck. More tomorrow

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

they are paying you for your opinion so, give it to them. also, can you say "change order"?