Monday, December 7, 2009

Amanda WIlton-Green, another chick making cool shit

Amanda can paint, make ceramic usable art ( she made her entire kitchen backsplash out of ceramic 2"circles dude), sew a mean felt stocking, paint an elaborate folk art chair, make an outfit, etc, etc etc...
She even laid the hardwoods in her condo. I dare you to find something she can't make. Seriously.
Come see her delicious new line of ceramic plates, bowls etc for sale this weekend at Laurelhurst Community Center (4554 NE 41st)  on Friday from 1pm-8:30 or Sat 10-3pm. This craft fair is small and sweet and has all the good handmade stuff. There will be refreshments, children's crafts and a marshmallow roast!.
Hopefully she will email me a pic of her latest creations for the blog soon so I can show you.
Well Done!


Rebecca said...

Amanda Rules!!!

Carol said...

Clearly Amanda's talents are limited to her singing! The show at Laurelhurst Community Center sounds great - a perfect holiday shopping opportunity.