Monday, December 28, 2009

Gates of Seattle, WA

2010 is coming.  Let's all pass through a new door, or in my case gate, and welcome the new year with high hopes.  This week I want to look at all kinds of gates.  I'll start in my own backyard and move around to other destinations near and far.

All of the examples above are from NE Seattle.  The styles on display are indicative of this place:  Asian inspired, funky recycled, artistic glass and metal, and the 3 foot high, painted, open board fence/combo.  I think they are good examples of the design aesthetic in this area and define the sense of place.


Hanna said...

Great post and I love the photos! Do you mind if I put a link on my blog?

Happy New Year!

Well Done said...

hanna: we would love to be linked to your blog.
thank you,
anne and rebecca

Anonymous said...


Gateways symbolize a sense of passing from one state to another, from one world to another, from the known to the unknown, from light to darkness. Gates open upon the mysterious, but they have a dynamic psychological quality for they not only indicate a threshold but invite us to cross it. It is an invitation to a voyage into the beyond.

The passage to which they invite us is more often than not, in the symbolic sense of the term, a passage from the realm of the profane to that of the sacred.