Friday, January 1, 2010

The Gates Project for Central Park.


Gateways symbolize a sense of passing from one state to another, from one world to another, from the known to the unknown, from light to darkness. Gates open upon the mysterious, but they have a dynamic psychological quality for they not only indicate a threshold but invite us to cross it. It is an invitation to a voyage into the beyond.

The passage to which they invite us is more often than not, in the symbolic sense of the term, a passage from the realm of the profane to that of the sacred.

Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s public art project, "The Gates", opened in New York City's Central Park on February 12, 2005. With 7,500 16-foot-high gates draped in orange fabric along 23 miles of footpaths, the public art installation was a "visual golden river." 

May you pass through many gates in 2010.
Anne and Rebecca

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Carol said...

Spectacular - this week you have truly captured the wide range and wide meaning of gates, all gates. I've always appreciated a great gate; now I will do so even more. Thank you Well Done Blog for a wonderfully well done blog - my favorite in 2009. Looking forward to following you in 2010, and beyond.