Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Every little thing's gonna be alright.

If you are broke and need to tile your bathroom. back-splash etc. Here's an idea I am happy to share. Go to a building salvage, re-use store (The Re-Store in Seattle or Second-Use) and buy all of the tiles that "match" in your opinion. When I say "match", I mean you gotta be a little loose on that definition. For me "match" meant all the whites and creams that went together that I could find in the same size. I chose 4x4, 3x6 and 6x6. These are the most common left over tile sizes. You can reap the benefits of diy'ers & trades people who over-buy their tile!  Luckily, most people pick classic white subway tile or white /cream 4x4's, so it is plentiful! Take them all home for a $1/ sq ft  OR bring in some of your old unused/used building supplies/fixtures in trade for your tile.
To begin, take a deep breath, be flexible, and ready to be okay with varying tile sizes with give or take 1/8" difference. This was the hardest part to get used to. Also don't spend time making a perfect pattern, you may get stuck at the end without enough to finish. I just would grab some from each color pile and go for it. I admit bravery is involved. My hubby looked plenty scared throughout the weekend. I think his fear has subsided, because  he placed a single random pink stowaway tile in the upper right corner on Sunday while I was on a break. I was so proud of my linear, analytical man for taking the leap.
It was a couples breakthrough.
By Sunday night I began calling this room the Bob Marley room, because ........well you get it.

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Carol said...

Anne, this is beyond Well Done - absolutely brilliant! You are so creative, and brave - a fantastic combo. Enjoy your space.