Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Great Clients. Before, During, and After. Viewridge.

Last week my sister, K.C., and I went to look at a project we had completed two years earlier--Scott and Tiffany's house. This was a big job: concrete retaining walls, concrete stairs, dry-stack wall, bluestone patio, custom railings, all new plantings, container gardens, electrical, drainage, tons of new dirt, and a lot of contractors. This was also a hard job; we had to re-permit, the rain would not let up, the client's basement flooded and their sewers backed up (not related to construction), electrical lines were severed during demo, and did I mention the rain?
Fortunately, Scott and Tiffany are two of the loveliest and most patient clients I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Maybe it's Tiffany's southern charm, or Scott's winning personality, but despite some major setbacks they maintained their composure and positive outlook. I'm sure there were days when they wanted to kill me (who doesn't hate their contractor/designer at some point in the process?), but they never let on. 

The yard is looking good. Their beautiful children are having fun in all the new spaces. And I am relieved that it all worked out. Thank you Well Done clients. --R


Carol said...

The stones, the lovely stones. Looking good!

Lauren said...

I love that family, they were on Eli's baseball team last spring. When they found out you and I were friends, they couldn't stop raving about how much they adored working with you and their finished product. I NEVER heard the other half of the story, till I just read it on the blog. Well done services, R & KC!