Sunday, April 11, 2010

Exterior home painting and more.

See here, my loyal blog friends, it's time to talk about eradicating ugliness from our world. Let's have a real talk about why you should ask a professional for help if you are planning to paint your home this spring/summer. You may think "Oh Anne, stop shamelessly self promoting yourself "

Go ahead, think that if you must, but ... I was going to suggest an alternative!
(but of course call me for help if you don't have the guts for the following)

Here is my cheapo tactic for getting your home color right;
Have a beer and find a get away driver. Hop in the car and drive to the best parts of town where they spend extra bucks on having a professional pick their home colors....When you find one that most closely resembles your home and is facing the same direction as your home,  turn off your engine, and roll up in front, slink out of the car with your color wheel in hand and run up to the home and put the color wheel up to the siding and find the best match you can, and then RUN RUN RUN back to your get away car and drive away!...
And that is the exact way to not have a home that looks like the one above.. instead you will end up with a home like this one.

These are the things I worry about dear ones.
Good Luck.

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Carol said...

Do I get to drive the Mini if I'm the get-a-way driver? Great advice on going into areas where you like what you see--finding something well done and making it your own.

Anonymous said...

let me just say that the walkway to the new england house is a little crazy. you would break an ankle walking to the door.

lauren said...

or knock on the door of the house you love at 8:40am on a Sunday when you are totally loosing your marbles about paint colors. hire a professional you can trust...your nervous system will thank you. i love my exterior color everyday. well done, a.

Rebecca and Anne said...

You are correct about that walkway WTF? DANGER! And Lauren..The Sunday morning visit worked well! Goal accomplished! oh and Carol you can for sure be the getaway driver in the mini

Rodney Orton said...

I agree. You have to be sure with what you want before you actually own it. When you get it, find the areas you want to improve. Light colors are the best to paint the roofing during Spring. We just repainted our roof after the contractors made the repairs. The weather is fine here in Omaha, though there are rainy days too.

Smith said...

Wow superb idea! Your walkway idea is great! House painting Seattle