Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hensler/Moore Residence Mt. Baker, WA.

Can you believe that cat?
Did I ever show you this house? These are my ideal clients... This couple was so darn cute and willing to take some risks. Hang the subway vertical? sure! put wood horizontal behind the vanity mirrors? sure!
What a thrill to work with open minded individuals... This home is on beautiful lake washington and is a slice of heaven and, personally, I think we did a good job keeping the cost per sq ft down... all the while making good design choices.
On the flip-side, recently I had a potential client email me the following hilarious letter: please enjoy,
" Do you have any kitchen designer recs? We want to remodel our kitchen (and also main bath). I don't think we want to go the architect route right now. We think what we want is pretty straight forward (I bet everybody says that.) We just need to have someone who may be able to give us some options that we weren't thinking about, or give us a solution to some of our space/physical constraints, like an exterior door in the way, etc. We are practical people. We pick our noses, poop, and use hand sanitizer, so I'm looking for someone who is practical and "normal" also. I don't necessairly want a feng shui expert, or someone who will fill my home with a Glassbaby altar. Hopefully you might know someone who would get our plain, boring, practical style. Hopefully I'm not offending you. I totally appreciate different design asthetics, but I am a product of a man who lived through the depression. I don't think I will ever desire current trends or acquire high end taste."
Now , I adore this woman to the core, she is awesome and hilarious. How, dear readers, do I convince her that I am the woman for the job? You know I love me some good design, but I am fully capable of practical/good design right? Please comment if I have added practical AND beautiful design to your home... are the mutually exclusive?


jules said...

good design is practical and doesn't sacrifice function for flash...

you totally got this, are you even worried?

Anne said...

Don't you LOVE the Glassbaby Altar comment! I have been cracking up at her wit..

Robyn Iaea said...

i agree--you are completely capable and you got it!