Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Seattle Astrologer & Personal Coach, Molly Morrissey INTERVIEW!

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I wanted to share with you a great interview with my friend and local astrologer... She is a down to earth, practical and not your typical star reader... She has a Master’s in Applied Behavioral Sciences – Systems Counseling from Bastyr University and a killer intuition.... Here you go...:Oh and by the way, she can do your birth chart over Skype or the phone if you are not in Seattle.
Interview with Molly Morrissey, MA – Personal Coach | Astrologer 

Describe your perfect client?
My perfect client is someone who sees that they could change their actions and that those changes would have an impact on the quality of their life. This person is also ready to enter this process – for whatever reason. Usually they are motivated to change because the stress has gotten to a particularly unsavory level, or they have already experienced some change, and want to be efficient and organized as they delve more deeply into this process of increasing responsibility to self.
My perfect client is also someone who is open to getting perspective from unusual places. In addition to being a personal coach, I am also an astrologer. I don’t use astrology with all of my coaching clients, but as a diagnostic tool, I haven’t found many better ones than astrology. It makes the work I do with my clients get down to brass tacks much more quickly, since I’m using it to help the client get very clear about their obstacles – and the resources they have to rely on while learning to better manage those obstacles.

What is your passion?
My passion is helping others get in sync with the world around them, learning how to better use what they’ve got. I love teaching and guiding. I love witnessing people discover that their most authentic dreams CAN find some form of realization. I also love discovering the ways in which our world works – the small synchronicities that exist constantly to show me the connections. I love looking for patterns in the world as it emerges and changes.

Where are you from?
I was raised in Olympia, Washington, and moved to Seattle when I was seventeen to start college. I’ve lived here on and off since then. Olympia was a great place to grow up. It afforded the security of a small town, but because of the influence of Evergreen State College, it had an abundant art and music scene. So I had the freedom to run around town, but also got exposed to the idea that there was a lot to learn out in the world. I am also thankful every day that I was brought up in a town situated on the water. I have always lived on the water and always will. It is a very essential part of my equilibrium.

What was your favorite job?
My favorite job is the one I have now. I love working for myself and going on journeys of hard work and discovery with other people. I love getting to hear their stories, and the way their lives have unfolded. The faith that people have – even when they don’t think they do always amazes me.
My second favorite job was helping run a yacht in Alaska – which I did for several years. We spent a lot of time out on the fishing grounds of Western Alaska – the Alaskan Peninsula. We were often the only non-commercial fishing boat we would see for weeks on end. I taught me a lot about exploration and responsibility. I went into the job thinking that I was very self-sufficient and proud. I came out of the job understanding how important my friends and loved ones were to my existence. I was also rewarded every day by my surroundings – totally pristine wilderness and the ocean. That stuff gets inside a person.

Tell us something no one knows about you?
My Great-great grandfather rode shot gun for the Wells Fargo bank in the late 1800’s. Rarely lost any of the loot and was rewarded for several shoot-em-ups with the outlaws for protecting the gold. Lots of wild-wild-west type stuff in my family background. I have seen how those genes are still active in my family.

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