Monday, May 24, 2010

Papier Mache Masks and Puppets

Happy Monday all! I wanted to share with you the fun puppets and masks that were made over the past 3 months by children ages 5-10. Our school had the great fortune of having Andrew, an Australian architect, as the visionary for this project. He had done this sort of thing before and had the energy & time to give us the gift of a papier mache puppet /mask parade. The school's spring arts festival began with this parade of characters from Waltzing Matilda, jumbuks, swagman, squatter, a few extra little animals joined in.

Maple Leaf Blog Post about our parade!

The puppets/masks were made by creating a cardboard armature, using staplers and tape to form shape, 2 layers or more of papier mache paste and newspaper strips  ( with a week to dry in between layers)& tempera paint.

Inside the masks there was limited air and the children's voices were completely muffled...
finally, a little peace and quiet... 

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