Monday, June 21, 2010


This week I have decided that pretty interiors and fancy gardens are a snore bore.. I think even Rebecca will agree with that. (By the way HAPPY 1 YR ANNIVERSARY to welldoneblog!) So I decided that this week we are celebrating hot men. Yup. That's it. Tune in here for pictures of hot men.
If you are curious... I was inspired by the Sartorialist's posts this week from the runways in Milan.

Let's just be easy on ourselves people. It is the last week of school here in Seattle. We are all freaking out a bit. We need the type of inspiration that doesn't say "hey here's a new job to do around home or hey your house and garden aren't pretty enough.." Your home is beautiful as it is! Let's all take a deep breath and be happy with things as they are!.
and in the spirit of evoking true primal inspiration and respect for beauty.. I give you well done men.
You can thank me Friday.


Rebecca said...

perfect. i love the all white d&g ensembles.

Carol said...

Oh yeah...bring it on.