Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More Beauty: Watching Meredith work. Austin, TX.

Thanks again to my new, old friend Caroline Turek for turning me on to the artist Meredith Pardue. Caroline recently bought three, yes three, of Meredith Pardue's paintings. I'm not sure if she has to live on Ramen for the next month, but if so, it was worth it. This work is so lovely. What a joy to be able to look at it everyday.

Here's a clip of Meredith painting one of the pieces that Caroline just purchased. Congratulations to both of you.
Meredith Pardue at work


anne said...

wow, thank you for inspiring me today. I am is a blissful art trance now... my favorite place to be.

Caroline turek said...

I can't wait for the 3 works to arrive! One coming from Texas, one from Atlanta, one from California. The anticipation is killing me! :)

Carol said...

Just beautiful! Sort of makes me think of sea glass, which I hunt & adore. Well Done purchase Caroline.