Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Interview with Mark Garff, Landscape Architect.

Best client: Those that are flexible and able to set aside preconceived notions. I like clients who don't already think they "know it all." The best client understands the value of what a designer can bring to the table.

Your Passion: I can't sit still and focus on just one thing. My passion shifts almost daily. Today I'm passionate about the exquisitely crafted song 'Rio' by 'Hey Marseilles.' It's lifted my spirits for hours. Tomorrow no doubt my passion will shift to the enjoyment of an evening boat ride with friends and sideways glances across a perfectly varnished mahogany finish. Sunday I'll get passionate about weeding and pruning. Monday I hope to again be passionate about detailing out a plaza in a suburban park but by the end of the day, I'll just want to sit back and appreciate the good people who were passionate enough to brew the IPA I'll be drinking! I can get emotional about almost any subject.

Hometown: Suburban Salt Lake City.

Best job: My second job as a teenager was at a retail plant nursery. It was hard work, but honest. The best part of the job was coming in on Sunday when the place was closed to water the plants. For two hours I owned a large botanical garden all to myself, completely isolated from the hustle of the city.

Secret: Nobody knows just how much I love Lady Gaga. It's sort of ridiculous. She is her own brand of genius. Sorry Madonna, it's over between us.


A(squared) + M said...

This is really nice. I love reading interviews, you really get to know a person.

Take a peak:


Anne V. said...

ok, Mark, we really need to meet and start our Lady Gaga secret admiration society. I feel so closeted about it here in Seattle. There is just no forum to fully express it. It must be just like how republicans feel here....