Monday, September 13, 2010

Teresa Howard. Chef and Owner of Celestial Catering

Describe your perfect client? 
A person who knows 1/2 of what they want and wants the other 1/2 to be what I think is best. They have some money to spend, but not too much. I like them to love what I do. If they have a lot of money, they are used to and expecting perfection.

What is your passion?

Where are you from? 
Here. The void between Mukilteo, Edmonds and Lynnwood

What was your favorite job? 
I try to forget my jobs as soon as they happen to keep my sanity. But I do remember fondly the catering for our nanny's wedding. At her parents orchard and house, rustic, simple, fun, elegant and very sweet.

 Tell us something no one knows about you? 
I'm a big crier. Commercials, TV comedies, birthday cards, someone saying they like me.


carol dole said...

Best pic ever! Makes me wanna dance!

Anonymous said...

If you haven't tasted Teresa Howard's food, you need to. Her events & food are amazing. Seriously, if you've got a party coming up, call the Courtyard Hall in Bothell--you'll be glad you did. Love that the blog has featured professionals-love it!