Monday, October 18, 2010

Giver's Gain.

I'm going to follow Anne's lead this week and share my favorite places to buy materials and the names of my favorite builders and craftspeople.

Today it's all about stone. I've got two favorite stone masons to tell you about. The first, Greg Marris @ 206-795-5315, is a true artist and a pleasant guy to have hanging around your house. He listens to the stone and builds the best blue-stone patio in town (see photo). The second, Nigel O, is your man for walls and big projects. He has a great team working for him and he wears a utilikilt--and looks good in it!

Both of these guys will buy your stone for you, but you may want to look at all of your choices first. Take a day trip to Marenakos and get acquainted with stone. Bring your camera and take pics of your favorite choices or just pick up some samples and live with them for awhile. The stone will start talking to you.--R

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Carol said...

Great resources--keep 'em coming.