Monday, October 4, 2010

Michelle Linden--architect. Atelier A+D llc

My perfect client is someone who appreciates good design and is willing to take a chance. Maybe they read Dwell magazine or have their own crafty or artistic hobbies. Budget isn’t a big concern for me, as I feel we all deserve great design, no matter our budget. But, ideally I’d love to work with clients who are willing to take a chance on design. Clients who are willing to embrace new materials or think about spaces in a different way are the most exciting. Involved and excited clients help make the best projects.
I’m passionate about architecture and design. That might sound clich├ęd, but it’s true. I love my job and feel very lucky to do it every day. I can’t help but walk into a new space and think about what I love, what I hate, and how I’d change it. And I have an unhealthy obsession with modern furniture. I can appreciate a lot of different styles, but whenever I see super modern furniture, I can’t help but want to touch it (and sit on it if appropriate!).
I’ve been living in Seattle for about 6 years now… and I came here by way of Honolulu, a brief stint in the Netherlands, Chicago, and Gloucester Massachusetts. Gloucester is my hometown and I love going back – especially in the summer. I love the beach and that is one thing we really don’t have here in Seattle.
My favorite job or project? My favorite job besides the one I currently have would have to be my time spent as a beer cart girl on a golf course. After graduating from high school I was lucky enough to get a job spending my days outside in the sunshine selling beer and sodas on our local golf course. I got to know all of the members, so my time spent sunning myself was punctuated by great conversation (and tips!).
My favorite project is one I’m currently working on for a family building a home on Lake Chelan. They have great taste and are a lot of fun to be around, so it is a pleasure to work together to build their dream home.
Something we don't know about you: I spent two weeks at an all-girls architecture camp when I was 12. I told you I was passionate about architecture and design… and I have been for a long time!

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