Monday, October 11, 2010

The ReStore

Many of you know about this great store, but I must list it in my resources officially. Royal and I find so much stuff here. In fact much of our home was remodeled with cool finds from here. Our claw foot tub, all of our interior crystal doorknobs , windows, my art studio flooring and cabinets, chandeliers ... These are the things that give a home it's originality.
Have a look for a salvage yard in your town, grab a latte and go stroll thru and imagine crazy ideas for your home. For me, this is bliss!


Carol said...

Yes Anne, the Re-store is re-markable--love it. The "new" bookends is a good example of how to make your home so different and appealing. Love salvage, and mixing the new & the old is my moto.

Kristen said...

Indeed! We got some old high school bleachers and made a floor to ceiling bookcase with them...our other great score was several old blackboards which are actually slate and we used them for our kitchen counters.