Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I cannot believe I didn't think of the inspiration I got from going to see Picasso the other night.( when I was whining yesterday about having no inspiration) ..I stood in front of the piece above  for a while and smiled... 
A van load of me and my besties plus a few extra met up at the museum last Thursday night, saw the show and then went to Taste. I definitely went because I thought I should , not because he is my favorite artist... However, I left with much more adoration than I had going in... Purely because of his BRAVERY. I was inspired by his ability to make marks on surfaces without hesitation or worrying about what his audience would think.. This made me remember the secrets to success in all areas... just do what you love to do... do it every day, do it even if people think its dumb, do it even if you are sick of it.. do it even if it's failing.. wait one more... do it even if you think it might be a success.. and that last piece is the scariest.


Carol said...

Bravo to him, loved the show, and brava to you, love your words of inspiration.
PS: love the new blog colors!

rebecca said...

exactly!!! do want you want and do best. I couldn't have said it better.