Monday, January 10, 2011

Furnishments, Greenlake Neighborhood

The inspiration from Design within Reach. Price: 2k
Finally, after looking for over one year, I found a love-seat for my front sitting/living room. I should have known that I would score in a neighborhood consignment shop. Here's how it happened: This past Friday night I looked on Craig's List and saw a really cute 1930's vintage love-seat. That lead me to the store's Facebook page and gallery (really smart marketing) which made me decide to get myself into Furnishments first thing Saturday morning. Yes I saw the Bauhaus love-seat on the store's Facebook page and made sure I was in there the second the doors opened. It turns out that the love-seat had been used by a stager, who owns the store,(another smart move) and had been barely used. Retail price, I'm guessing since I'm a love-seat expert now, $900. Consignment price: $450. It pays to recycle.--R


Carol said...

Brava! Well Done. Fits perfectly in your space; doesn't compete, not too big, great lines. It pays to be patient when shopping--finding the right piece can take time.

Raino said...

Great Loveseat, I'm actually the Stager that the store bought if from. Great little sofa. Used it many times and you can see it on our website. It is great to recycle!