Monday, February 28, 2011


Let's chat a minute about collections. I think people have cast away the thought of collecting in a mad craze to reduce all clutter in our modern lives. I hadn't seen a well-displayed collection in the home of my peers in a long while!. But in the spirit of welldoneblogs' original mission; beauty was discovered right under my nose at a friends house 10 blocks away.  This lovely collector had these in a pretty cabinet that was not dusty and highlighted the simplicity of these little porcelain princesses. I had that feeling. That tiny, eensey-weensey feeling of stress suspension brought on by viewing beauty that I constantly search for.
This week I will be posting some pics of collections I have seen. I am interested in how the collecting of objects can soothe the soul. Is there sanity in repetition or peace in finding "like" objects in the wild world we live in? Is it our natural curiosity and need to uncover mystery that makes us search for "sets" of things? Has Ebay and Craigslist created a new accessibility to the obscure that supports the collecting mindset? What are you collecting along the way?


Rebecca said...

I have a collection of salt and pepper shakers...still have not unpacked them since the remodel.

Carol said...

I love seeing collections! I actually asked Rebecca recently if she might be taking out her S&P collection...maybe this will prompt her. The only true collection I have is a sake cup collection. While living in Japan for 4 years, it was always fun to search the flea markets, and all over the country, for those lovely cups. I don't actually collect anything else, but there are some items that I seem to have a lot of: stools, lamps, vintage bags, scarves & gloves, and certainly shoes, size 6.5 to be exact. ~Carol Ps those figurines are beautiful!

lifeshighway said...

I also love collections. The doll collection is very sweet. I collect blown amber glass. It gives me something to search for rummaging around junk shops, a bored day of ebay or antiques shop on vacation. My daughter collect tiny porcelain animals.