Thursday, February 17, 2011


Hi, again.
I wanted to elaborate on red for a minute. Red takes guts. When I use it in a client's home or business I know the basic rules and I stick to them. You should too. So here they are starting with the most important one:

Never whimp out on red. This means, do not just put it on one wall, do not keep going lighter up the color sample strip at home depot until you get to the less gutsy version of the red. Always use a red primer before painting red in your home. Always make sure the wall is flawless before priming, meaning smooth and perfect. Do not use the purple-y reds or you will have the look of the 1997 accent wall/ front door craze. Do not have SHEEN on the red paint you use unless very deliberate as in LACQUER high gloss red. There is no other reason for adding sheen to red, use eggshell or flatter to really let it absorb and be sexy and yummy. I even suggest that in bedrooms you paint it on the ceiling as well, yes it is true.... the corners of the room will disappear and you will be cozy in a boundary less ethereal nest for sleeping and inspired toward other activities:)

OK, there I said it.
I will be issuing you a "license to red" if you comply with my rules.
There will be a test.--Anne


Anonymous said...

so glad my bedroom is red--except the ceiling is a creamy white.

Carol said...

Brilliant info. I wish I had spoken to you before doing my powder room. Although I did all the walls red and didn't wimp out, I kept the ceiling white--making those lines clean was so much work! Next time I'll the ceiling too. Thanks welldoneblog.