Thursday, February 17, 2011

Well Done Firehouse

Here is a link to a photo tour of the new firehouse in our hood.
It was suggested by a friend that this new firehouse should be up on the blog and I agree. I have noticed that we have some pretty nice firehouses around Seattle. There are 3 I can think of right now that are blog worthy..
What I always appreciate is how well they pick their red paint colors!. The one on 94th is also the most perfect red for that structure, yet I don't think it is a standard red they use on all of them. I am going to investigate this.. more to come.

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Rebecca said...

Thanks for the link, ladies!

I asked the architect about that red (I ADORE it), and she said that it's the standard red used on fire stations in Seattle. Part of the "brand," I would say.

Open house for the new station is March 12, 11am-2pm. To heck with my toddler -- I'm sure as heck gonna check the place out.