Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Collections from Apt.therapy

The way you display is so important!This one is so organized,thx Apt.Therapy for your great pics

How do you even dust this collection? It is one step away from hording, no? Does a good collection also have to show some restraint? Is part of the allure of a good collection knowing when to stop? At what point of collecting is the mass  of the whole group taking over the beauty/interest of the individual object? How much can our eye take in at one time? This reminds me of the exhaustion I feel in museums after 1.5 hours. 
There are limitations to what we can accurately see/think  after visual/brain overload. I find that my clients are equally as flustered as I feel in museums after spending 3 hours at a tile showroom, or a slab yard, or a big box store. Their sense of time, space, money, and rational thinking is gone after 1.5 hrs! We seem to have far too much input for the human brain to handle and maybe collecting things is one way to make order out of the chaos of the 'stuff' around us. Thoughts?


Carol said...

I, too, believe more than 1.5 hours of looking, taking in, is plenty. And yes, you know what "they" say about too much of a good thing; it's hording!

Carol said...

Would you believe I have to comment, again? The display in the upper photo is fantastic. I love how the shoes become a display, and draws you upstairs. Well Done display!