Friday, March 11, 2011

The Suetorialist and me

About seven years ago I started to climb out of my Seattle-mom-fleece-ensembles with the help of my dear friend Sue Pess. Let me back up. Before moving to Seattle, I lived in Boston and I had my fashion act together (enough) for a single girl in the city. Then I moved to Seattle, started grad school, got married, wrote a thesis, had 2 kids, and bought a house. Let's just say that my wardrobe suffered....a lot. At one point my Bostonian sister said, while greeting me at the Logan airport, "Do you really think you look good in fleece and are those plastic gardening clogs on your feet?" Like I said, I was at a low point.

Fast forward. My youngest son was turning three and a good friend was soon to be married to a Roman woman in Rome. If there was ever a time to clean-up my act, this was the time. I immediately called Sue. "Help, I'm going to Rome; I have to look great 24/7; I'm broke and what the Hell am I going to wear." Sue's response, "No problem. I'm on it. Just remember style is not about money." And on it she was. We combed the fashion magazines. We cleaned-out my closet. She shared her secret shopping spots with me. And together we created 7 days of fabulous looks for me. She also gave me enough "Fresh" products to cover the trip. If you haven't experienced the "Fresh" line, well, we will talk about that later.

Since then, with Sue at my side, I've never looked back and I've never dressed as well for as little money. And as for the plastic gardening clogs, they're history. --R

 Click here to read about Sue's jewelry in the news.


Anne said...

Sue is always dressed perfectly, it's true.. love the nwsource plug, your lockets Rock!

Carol said...

Brilliant--Sue, you, and Anne. All of you are brimming over with style & talent. Feeling pretty smug to have such well done company.

Charlotte said...

I can't believe I actually said that to you. Well you have always been fab and your newest dress should inspire a whole line of parties... "Got a great dress? Have a party!"
Great story.