Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Summer in the City

Ahhh…summertime in Seattle, it’s what we all wait for and, let’s be honest; it’s why we all live here. Summer in this city is like one long party, except for the years when the temperature doesn’t go above 60 degrees, but let’s not think about that.

Carol and I are putting together a summer party on August 13th and if you become a Well Done Events Facebook friend you’ll be invited—lucky you. As we and our husbands were all members of the Class of ’79, we’ve decided to celebrate. Which brings me to this, if you are planning a party this summer, send out a SAVE THE DATE EMAIL, NOW! If you don’t, half of your friends will not be able to make it. That’s right your friends are already busy planning their weekend camping trips, their work parties, their trips back east, all of it. Get your party on their calendar now.

A bunch of online invitation services make this easy to do. Check-out Evite, and Paperless Post. These services track attendance, remind your guests about the party a week in advance, and you can include all kinds of details like directions, what to bring, you name it. We hope we see you at our Class of ’79 celebration on August 13th!

~ Rebecca

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