Wednesday, August 17, 2011

No White Trim!!!

Hi!, Anne here.. I have strong feelings about the painting rules that seem to be pervasive regarding trim color in homes .I have found that white trim and ceilings are a safe plan for most, but truly what it results in is many contrasting outlines. This is fine, even amazing, in very large, high ceiling traditional estates. In our typical urban dwellings with many windows and doors and low ceilings, what this does is make a lot of visual tension for the eye and soul. 
Do you want your home to be a peaceful place? Step one would be to paint the trim to match the wall it is on, just simply change the sheen. It seems nutty maybe, but what you will find is that your attention is brought more to the view out the window or the lovely items you have in your home. Isn't this better than your eyes always looking at walls ?
      I firmly believe that we are subject to a ton of visual stimuli all day, and we replicate that in our home with clutter and paint contrasts etc... take a few steps toward simplifying your paint palette and see how it changes your mood.

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Carol said...

Brilliant! ~Carol