Friday, January 13, 2012

Walking in Winter

What a great, dry winter it has been. I'm sure I will regret the lack of rain this summer and all the Seattle lawns will be browner than ever, but I have been enjoying the sun and my daily walks. The posted pictures are from a neighborhood that I think is called Maple Leaf Heights. I suppose the use of the word "Heights" makes it seem like an exclusive place, but it is not. The Heights neighborhood is filled with Tudor-style homes, probably built in the '20s and '30's, mixed with bungalows and the random post-war box style house. As is the norm in NE Seattle, some of the homes are perfectly manicured and others are a little funky and beat-up. 

Photo #1: Check-out that arch! I've never seen this cedar cultivar used so well; these guys nailed it.
Photo #2: Yes, those are stones somehow attached to that pot. Glue, cement, how did they do that? 

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Anonymous said...

Love this post. The pictures are lovely! Looks like a charming neighborhood.