Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Walk Along Wahkiakum Lane

Today I took a long, urban hike. I had no work to do and decided to walk to my dental appointment (I need a new mouthguard) and my P.T. appointment (yes, still working on the rotator cuff injury). Both of the doctor's clinics are located in the UW district, which is not that far from my home. I headed towards Urban Horticulture and then took the "back road", Wahkiakum Lane, Seattle WA, to the UW Sports Medicine facility. This part of the UW campus is one of my favorites. It is primarily used as a research field-study area, for wetland reclamation, and is really one of the few "wild" places within the city.

Someone has been busy making Andy Goldsworthy inspired art. And I want to thank them because nothing thrills me more than finding art and/or beauty where I least expect it. ~ Rebecca


Ms. Fontaine said...

I love that place as well! Maybe we will run into each other on some urban hike in the future.
Jen Fontaine

elite barcelona said...

I want one of those in my garden !