Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lazy Susan & me

First off, can someone tell me why this is called a Lazy Susan? I've always wondered. Okay, to the meat of the post. Some things in life just make me happy and I mean really ridiculously happy. One of those things is coming across UNBELIEVABLE vintage items and deals while thrift shopping and another is Lazy Susans. So imagine the joy I felt when my BFF Carol found this baby (see photo) at Value Village Capital Hill yesterday. Yes folks it's a killer Lazy Susan. And there it sits on my dining room table (okay, I want a new vintage 50's table, but that's another story) making every single meal taste so much better. 

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Well Done said...

Here's what wiki says, "The term "Lazy Susan" made its first written appearance in a Good Housekeeping article in 1906,[1] although their existence dates back to the 18th century. Prior to the use of the term 'Lazy Susan', they were referred to as dumbwaiters, a term today applied to a small elevator for transporting food.[2] There is no clear evidence as to the origin of the Susan part of Lazy Susan."[3] Many experts on 18th century kitchen table accessories[citation needed] cite the structures of patriarchy as an influential factor in the historical narrative of the Lazy Susan."