Saturday, December 8, 2012

Steel Door

Collaboration is pretty awesome-
1.Homeowner saw an inspiration picture
2.Contractor figured out the 'how-to': did the math , cut and pre-drilled 5 sizes of metal shapes, enough pieces for two sides of  a 5'x9'  door.
3.Expert metal finisher created the multi-layered color , plus an exterior rated lacquer coating on the galvanized steel pieces and also on thousands of screws.
4. Ecstatic designer(me) made a template of how to lay them out
5. Giddy designer (again, me) guided the contractors as they hung the pieces, these guys were great collaborators, willing to give up the creative part of the construction- such professionals.
6. Angels sang.
( ok maybe they were just singing in my head )

5'x9' Pivot Door with Custom Steel Design

halfway thru the first side.


Well Done said...

where is this?

Anonymous said...

It's in a private residence in Seattle..