Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Don't go to sketchy malls.

My first real memory of jeans was hating their stiffness ,their funky sewed on 80's lookin patches on the knees, and the fact that I couldn't really do cartwheels and splits in them.
My first memory of loving jeans  was in high school (this was the early 90's) when friends and I would buy men jeans, go down to the basement, rip them up, pour bleach on them and put them in the dryer. We would sit on the pool table and wait patiently for them to come out, creating acid wash boyfriend jeans before such a thing existed in the fashion world. We'd promptly put them on and do the classic tight ankle roll at the bottom( remember the fold and roll?) .
It was imperative that the jeans were big, ripped, bleached and that we wore white Reebok sneakers with slouchy socks and a big Champion sweatshirt- That was the uniform in my NY town - rebellious, yet not.
I can still remember sitting in class with the bleach smell wafting....

Between then and now I have had some love affairs with some late 90's Gap Jeans, the Lucky Brand,  and a brand called Delia's ( they sells jeans for women with curves) that required a trip to a sketchy mall where we ended up being caught up in a mall shooting. I am not kidding. I don't wear them anymore. 

So, here I am in 2013. I turned 40 this past summer. Life is good! Except I was in a serious jean depression. Everything looked terrible.
In the background sound track of the past year, I have heard a friend often saying, you are a 'catherine boyfriend jeans' kinda girl ( by Kut from the Kloth) I mean, she has said this literally a thousand times. I kept ignoring, why? I don't know. I think it's the fact that you have to come around to some things on your own. I went to her house on Saturday night and she made me try hers on. It was a revelation. They had the tiny bit of stretch, good coverage but not 'mom jeans', great color, great shape and then I danced and felt a cartwheel coming on. They had the essence of the 90's man jeans, the sexiness of the lucky brand jeans, the color of the gap jeans all wrapped up in one pair of jeans. TADA!!!
Lessons learned, listen to your friends & don't go to sketchy malls.


Rebecca said...

I've been wearing the "Farrah" bootleg for over a year now and love them. More on this later.

Sara said...

There should be an ongoing Jeans Forum on this subject, because outside of bathing suits, it's the most-dreaded shopping outing for any woman. (Except for some of you, and you don't count because you have perfect everything.) I just bought the same cheap Old Navy jeans as my 11-yo daughter, who's just venturing into the women's dept. Rockstar crop (for we shorties...) and they are amazing! Skinny, but not super tight. DARK wash. I paid less than $20 bucks!

Carol said...

Wore my favorite KUT denim bermudas yesterday. If you didn't get them this summer, hopefully you still can. Best shorts, ever!