Sunday, September 8, 2013

Well Done Revival.

Hi y'all-
It's been a while since i posted anything here- I'm not sure why- I think it's because when Rebecca and I started this blog we were in a work slump or sorts and needed to revive our creative selves and prime the pump.

Well, it worked- Rebecca's event planning business is booming and I have never been more busy with mine. We are in performance mode now.
This is good for many reasons, except one important one.

Hi! We missed you!

I am forgetting to stop and smell the roses.  I am traveling at the speed of light and haven't sat and stopped and looked around to see beauty, truly see it, in a long time.

It's what this blog was all about.
We have had 76000 visits to this blog since we started, 1000 visits per month even though we haven't posted since December. This says to me that others are feeling the same.

Hey Rebecca, you in for a revival??



Well Done said...

I'm in partner!

Carol said...

Phew, I have missed you two! So cool to know you're back in the saddle! Have fun. xoxo, Carol