Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Olympic Fashion

Yes, these are real people, not mannequins. It took me a few minutes to make sure. Today I am showing you the Ralph Lauren US Olympic team gear. You have to admit, it looks very American. I mean look at that ridiculous hat! We really like ridiculous hats here. I completely understand and respect RL as an American icon, but what if they had decided to choose another American designer for the team... Say, let me think, how about that hilarious "fierce" guy who won Project Runway a few years ago? Or Betsey Johnson? How awesome would it be for the avant guarde style of America to meet the super scrubbed up clean perfection of the Olympics? A design explosion is what is would be. It would be amazing!--A

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Digital Dave said...

I think the writer Jim Pierce over at thedailyjim.com has it right, The Cobra Commader has had a big impact on olympic fashion http://bit.ly/atftwA