Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's spring, look your best.

Yesterday, my bff, Carol and I went for a walk in the neighborhood. We stopped to look at a beautiful garden entryway, when suddenly a dapper looking gentleman emerged from behind the gate. He was on his way to do errands, but Carol and I had to stop him and tell him how fantastic he looked and to ask if we could take his picture. I think we made his day. He was so well put together and we so enjoyed seeing a well-dressed man on the streets of Seattle.

How is this related to spring projects, you ask? Simple. Clean-out your closet and get your spring wardrobe together. Don't be surprised if people stop you on the street and want to take your picture.--Rebecca

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Don said...

He looks like a happy soul!

Carol said...

Yes, that is a blue dog leash around his neck--his old pup waited patiently by the curb.