Monday, September 27, 2010

Interview with Traci @ Kippen House & some more pics.

  Describe your perfect client?
-For my business Kippen House, my ideal client is a couple of lovely hens who need a sexy home and a human who enjoys fresh eggs and gardening.  The urban farm movement is gaining momentum in Seattle and a client who understands and has a passion for the many positive results would be my ideal client.

What is your passion?
-I am an unemployed architect...I've been searching for an architecture job for 2 years!  So I guess my passion is with submitting resumes on a regular basis.
Actually, my passion is with a clean, modern design in ANYTHING!  I'm always thinking of ways to make the mundane aesthetically better.  I also enjoy working hands-on to create things.

Isn't this so lovely?

Where are you from?
-I grew up in Vancouver, Wa and after many travels (20 moves to be exact!) my little family has settled in Seattle.

What was your favorite job?
-My favorite 'job' was being an architecture student.  No creativity limits or budgets!  I also enjoyed my first job as a dishwasher for a cafeteria inside Hewlett Packard!  Yes, dishwasher!  I was the socialite dishwasher.  You'd always find me chatting with HP employees instead of washing the dishes.
Tell us something no one knows about you?
-I have a self-diagnosed, never-discovered-before disorder.  I call it DDD.  Designer Deficit Disorder.  I have so many ideas and projects in my head that I want to do but the ability to focus on one is completely impossible.  Kippen House was conceived 2 years ago and launched this summer.  I'm on a roll and have many more products to add to the line, lets hope I can stay focused!
 Here is a link to more information about Kippen House (besides my website).
urban gardening designologist 

Kippen House Website 


Carol said...

Truly, it almost makes me want chickens! The green garden on top is brilliant, the lines, colors, drop down front door--seriously well done design Traci. And no worries about that DDD--look what it hatched!

traci said...

Thanks Carol!! I'm very excited to see something that was designed on paper turn into reality. It feels good!

Rietta said...

The best ever Chicken Coop. I can't wait to see some of your other ideas fly out of the coop!

JERILYNN said...

Your design shows that you use your talents to create ideas that enhance the lives of your clients. You totally have your clients in mind. And the people too! :)

Fabulous design that enriches the aesthetics of any yard.

Malisams said...

Seriously...that's one sexy chicken coop. Congrats, and well done!

buzzard said...

Great Idea, lot less mess and work than a coop.