Sunday, September 26, 2010

Well Done Chicken Coop Week; Some of Seattle's Best Coops.

It's on everyone's mind, either their own obsession with their urban chickens and coops OR  wondering why everyone is obsessed with urban chickens and coops. It is undeniable that chickens have gone viral around here and not in a bird-flu kind of way. The case for chickens begins with the basic facts about chickens vs. dogs as pets (sorry Seattle dog people, who are equally as obsessively strange as chicken owners).

Here is my thinking:
Chickens cost $3.99 cents each.  Dogs cost over $200 in adoption fees or thousands to buy a pure bred.
Chickens poop doesn't need to be touched with hands AND is fertilizer. VS Dog poop which needs to be  picked up and disposed of and can be extremely large and warm.
Chickens make cute clucky noises and chit chat . Dogs, well you know...LOUD
Chickens have a life span of 7 years. Dogs can hang around for a loooooong time.
and the obvious one, Chickens produce your breakfast.

With all of this being said,  I would like to show you some chicken coops from Seattle.  What could be better than a well designed coop? This one was designed by a local architect, mama &  gardener. This amazing coop has a garden on the roof. Her name is Traci and her website is


Carol said...

Great commentary, coop & graphics.

I wonder, do you think if I leave my chicken in my house it will stop the burglar with its loud cluck? :) I'm sticking to my lovely, large, loud, expensive, pure-bread German shepherd. And if/when I can't afford her anymore, I'll be asking you for contact info for this chicken-lady--she may need some protection for her "suppliers." :)

lifeshighway said...

Pretty fancy chicken coop. Having grown up in the country, I am fascinated by the interest in chickens. I always looked at them as another annoying chore when I was growing up.

Who would have thought chickens would become trendy.

jules said...

chickens are a trend
dogs are an institution.
and they love you back ;)

(yep, that's a haiku)