Sunday, October 10, 2010

COUCH (On Western)

Anne here, thanks to Jenn N for the hot tip. I am not sure how I have missed this resource. Some of you may know my obsession with couches is not really healthy. I have bought and sold so many that I could own this store if I knew how the hell to make a flippin couch. This guy's blog-site is so refreshing! Here's a qoute:
"We get our sofas from LA– even though buying from China would be cheaper"

Ameer is the "couchguy" and he will custom make you any couch , chair, chaise etc that you can find a picture of. The price, apparently, will be far better than Restoration Hardware or Pottery Barn, for the same thing.

Couch (on Western)  is the first entry in Anne's resource list that I will be sharing on the blog from now on. You can find them all by clicking on the tag "Resources" in our list to the right of the blog posts.  People often ask me for referrals for furniture shopping & tradespeople, so now I will share the wealth and keep our local business people working! This week will be all about the places I go to help my clients get their houses all spiffed up. It seems that everyone I know is nesting right now! Maybe you are too?


Rebecca said...

I thought I told you about this place. It rocks.

Carol said...

Love it--the couch, and Couch (on Western)--thanks for the tip! And love the resources we'll be getting--thanks Well Done Blog.