Friday, November 26, 2010

Salumi and other sandwich ideas..

Thank the blog Gastrolust for this great pic of the meat at Salumi's ... I thought I had to share this final sandwich place with you... even if your stuffed belly is not wanting talk of more delicious food after yesterdays american style feasting...
To be honest, I haven't been to Salumi's  (yet) but I hear lot's of chatter about it  and thought I should share it with you... from the pic above, I am intrigued..
Also I thought I should note the other ideas I have gotten from  readers in  the Seattle area:

  •  Cherry Street coffee: feta sandwich.
    November 22 at 6:32pm · 

  •  Three Sister Cafe/Pike Place: grilled eggplant, tapenade, feta on a grilled panini.
    November 22 at 6:32pm · 

  • The" Seahawk"s at WholeFoods - it is my weekly treat.November 22 at 7:03pm · 

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